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Pandora's Jar Ripping Songs too Early


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I am running a proxy to connect to pandora correctly from Canada and it is all set up properly, but because of this proxy my connection isn't blazingly fast and pandora's jar keeps ripping songs prematurely. The first song is saved at around 10-11 kb (basically empty) because it isn't downloaded yet. The second song is the first song, the third song is the second song, the fourth song is the third song and so on.

The song is ripped about 20 seconds into playing and really needs to be done after about halfway into the song, or ideally just after the song has finished and just as the next song is beginning so that there is no chance of it being the wrong file. Will the next version be able to do this or is there something I can set to make version 8.1.1 do this properly?

Here is What I am Using:

Firefox version

Flash 8

FoxyProxy -> Set to use TOR only for pandora

TOR -> Set to use only US proxys

Pandora's Jar v 8.1.1


I can write a simple application to automagically go through a folder and based on the file's modified date rename all the files properly and to simply delete the first file. I can make this available for people if anyone else is having the same issues. Of course, once you correct the filenames you shouldn't run it a second time in that folder, so you'd have to move all your files out of the save folder after fixing the names.

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OKI DOKI. I got super impatient and came up with a working fix between a custom program I made and a free id3 tag batch editor:


All instructions within that file, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING UNTIL YOU READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS OR IT WILL TOTALLY FUCK YOU UP THE BUTT. I am not kidding around here, it will rename all files within the directory it is located within (except for itself)

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