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Switchblade issues


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First of all, I'm sure you get a lot of these topics, And I'm sorry if this already exists but I can't seem to find evidence that is the case. I'm confused by the wiki directions -- Do I use LPinstaller from the respective package I downloaded? (The sandisk one) When I try to, I get as far as the first-screen-thing

dakklaabg.jpg What is next, And how do I fix this issue? Thanks!

Yes, My drive is U3, And it is sandisk. It's a Sandisk U3 Cruzer (1 Gig)

By the way, I reformatted the drive already, Then I installed U3 to make sure that worked okay (using the installer from Sandisk's site) And it worked fine, After that, I formatted it again. It's now empty, Just begging for some technolust.

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Hi ! Try the following:

1. Just create the new drive with the tool of sandisk. Everything should work as normal.

2. When finished, put the usb stick off, wait a few seconds, then put it in.

3. Now you should be able to start the menu and/or see the usb-drive on your computer (with a new letter)

4. STOP the launchpad-menu: click in the taskbar with the right mouse button, then stop the launchpad-menu.

5. Start the Universal_Customer and follow the instructions. Look at the Hacksaw-development-forum of this side, there is a README by me, which describes, how to flash the drive (using Leapos Swichblade). This creates a new launchpad, too.

6. apologize my bad English !

Good luck !


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More problems here. I've gotten it to detect that there is a drive inserted -- Although now it just tells me that it 'isn't a Sandisk compatible device', But I tried it with my

4 Gig Contour http://base1.googlehosted.com/base_media?q...l=en&mode=1

And my 1 gig Cruzer



I ran the LPInstaller in the same directory the iso (cruzer-autorun) was in.

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