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Imaging a Windows smart phone?


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Hey guys, kind of off the wall question,

I currently have a samsung i760, but im asking this as a general question.

Is it possible to take a smart phone customize it, then image it (aka ghost), this way i can revert back to it in the future? I do alot of playing around with this thing and it would be awesome if this was possible.


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I don't use any WiMo phones but I could see that in theory doing what you're asking should be quite simple, you'd just need someone to have written an app to do it already. All the stuff in a phone is stored in some form of solid state media, whether it be ROMs or flash memory, so taking a copy of that data shouldn't be a problem.

That said, I don't happen to know of an app that does this.

Scratch that, try http://www.spritesoftware.com/?page_id=281

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I aggree moonlit,

I imagine this would be nice in the enterprise world as well.

Perhaps someone should capitalize on this idea. I guess ill just wait to see if a crafty programmer stumbles across this thread.




Damn that was a fast find lol...Thanks ill check it out!

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