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ffs the internet is just not safe is it?


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with ISP's watching your torrents, companys spying on you, Spyware, viruses, trojan horses, idiots selling personal details on ebay, youtube giving away personal details.......

its all on this forum

sorry for the tread, just wanted to talk about it.

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Security is a major F-up within the internet tubes.

Yet, no one seems to be doing anything about it - just complaining.

I think we need web 2.5

You can't blame "The Internet" for insecurity. You can blame the people who run the servers and the people who originally designed the protocols. In the case of the protocol been the problem, there will be resistance of upgrading to a new 'fixed' version of the protocol as that would mean updating the whole Internet infrastructure.

It's not the Internet's fault, it's the fault of the people who own the servers.

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Privacy is dead. Get over it or get paranoid. I won't mock you if you wear a tinfoil hat. In fact you don't even need to go to any extremes. As sparda has said simply separate the Cyberspace you and Meatspace you. Unless an unencrypted government laptop is stolen <sarcasm>which almost never happens</sarcasm> you'll be fine.

Oh yeah, and don't give money to people who sell you out. Namely you ISP and your Congressmen.

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