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Alfa Adapter Patch needed?


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I've got the same ALFA and it runs aircrack just fine. I use it on my desktop in BT3 via VMWare. VMWare is great about mapping USB devices. As far as the BT3 VM is concerned it's directly plugged in. I forget exactly what the device name shows up as, I think it's just ALFA.

For kismet I use the following line:

kismet -c RT8180,wlan0,ALFA

For aircrack just make sure to use airmon-ng first to start the device

airmon-ng stop ath0

airmon-ng start wifi0 11

where ath0 = device and 11 = channel

Hope that helps.

@gerard, lets try to be a little more helpful around here.

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Yes it does in fact squeek. I googled around on this and found that its normal for the ALFA to squeek. Look yourself and you'll find a remote-exploit thread about it. Turns out it's normal and has to do with a capacitor or transistor or something wiring. Nothing to be concerned about. Mine sounds like an IBM CF Microdrive if you've ever had the pleasure of working with one of those suckers.

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