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Light Weight File Server


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so ive got a 400mhz with 320ishMB of ram n a 4gb drive.

is there any really basic os (probally linux) that is specially designed to run headless attached to a network and serve files on a samba network? as 4gb sounds shite i could add more drives to it in time.

thanks dudes

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Install the _bare_ minimum. Then apt-get install samba and leave it at that.

With only 4 GB to spare it's probably best to keep the OS installation itself as tight as possible.

If you're on a decently fast line, it might be worth removing the .deb files of the installed packages from /var/cache/apt/archives (or thereabouts). Apt-get will simply re-download them should it ever need them again.

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That machine is robust enough to run full blown desktop oriented distros. If you're so inclined to do that, here's a guide I recently wrote up:


If you want to get the most out of that machine in terms of performance etc.... I'd recommend Gentoo. Kororra is a LiveCD that lets you install a 100% Gentoo compatible system quickly and much easier than a straight manual Gentoo install.

If you want the middle ground (not as fast but faster than the big desktop distros; not as hard as Gentoo but harder than the big desktop distros) then there is:

- Puppy Linux

- Damn Small Linux

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but you have to pay! Edit: maybe you dont :) thanks for the link Darren

im getting Slax server edition with the VNC and Samba add on, gonna give that a try :)

What do you need VNC for? That means you will have to run X which seems kind of like a waste of system resources.

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