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Instructable that is odd to me


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I don't really understand VB much. and this instructable for a menu grid is all i want to do. Can anyone help me out?


Doesn't look like he posted the entire source code for hte VB6 stuff, but it appears he just makes a playlist and opens it in windows media player which then streams to his tv via rca out of his GPU to the RCA in of the tv. In other words, it's just a pc to tv hookup, and the vb6 stuff is just eye candy he laid over the media player OCX in his VB6 app, which I assume is tied to the channels, or items in the playlist. Shouldn't be hard to make something similar without even having his source code, so long as you have VB6.

I would drop a media player control on a form, make the media player resize to stretch to the screen width and height and then add buttons with the channels on the side so when you click it with your mouse on the pc, it changes to the url specified in each button conrol. You can then make the buttons picture boxes or whatever, using the same click method to load the new url in the media player. Doesn't sound to hard.

I don't have vb6 installed at the moment, or I would make a small form for you to use as an example, but if you have vb6, you should be able to figure it out. It doesn't even have to be vb6 to do this, although it is probably the easiest to do it in. Alternatively, you could just make an app that launches the channels with your default mediaplayer of your choice, and ifyou are using windows that has media center, skip all this and just use media center to do everything.

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ok i've started working on this. I basically added the media player and an open file button. However, i want to make a scrolling box with all of the channels. I can't figure out how to get the scroll bar to be associated with a group or list box.

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