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English Hacker extradited to the US


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What do you expect from the British Goverment? You know he's going to get a show trial and locked up for a ridiculus amount of time in some horrendus death camp the americans think are prisions.

He'll be sent to Guantanamo Bay on "Terrorism Charges". oh yes, cause blowing up a building killing hundreads of people is the same as expsosing Nasa's lack of security in their computer system.

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After watching some British propaganda, commonly known as BBC news, I think he deserves it.

Punishment should be proportional to harm done, which it rarely is in cases like this. Also BBC news is remarkably unbiased compared to the news in a lot of other countries (just look at the absurdity of US news, which is basically just another form of entertainment TV rather than informational).

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