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Strange mouse problem


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I'm guessing this is the thread that will get zero replies, but worth a shot since I couldn't find any thing on Google.

A computer running XP SP2 has developed a strange problem where occasionally mouse clicks will be ignored. There is nothing wrong with the mouse, it seems to be a software problem. When it occurs it acts as if another program is grabbing the mouse events. Even between separate programs.

Opening the ctrl+alt+del menu usually fixes it. The computer, as far as I can tell, has no malware or the like on it.

I was hoping that some one has encountered this and had figured out what was causing it.

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Take the mouse apart a clean it?

Does the mouse do this on any system or does any mouse have this problem on that system?

PS2? USB? Bluetooth? Radio? An old flatmate of mine had a radio wireless mouse that stopped working when the microwave was used...

Try updating to SP3?

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The mouse is wired USB. Tried another mouse (also wired USB), same problem.


Not sure if this will help, but I used to have similar problems with my USB Optical when in VMware.

Try the following: GO to the control panel for the mouse and increase the sample rate and packet size for the mouse.

See the attached image. (Requires a reboot)


Increase as needed. If keeps happening, you might need a new mouse, but I doubt you need a new mouse. Also, are there multiple USB devices being used at the same time?

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