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an exceptionally interesting flash game


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this is by far the most original flash game ive played. its simple. you code the ai to a "bot" and let it fight.

the coding interface is a simple if/then statement based drag and drop interface. anyone who has used any programming language will be able to understand it easily and will have a lot of fun with it.


if you want to get started easily. here are a few simple bots to start with

sentry C8024ECE8F4141E53889D25F7123D62BCE25

essentially will wait for an enemy then follow and attack them

rouge hunter 0E2804E17C085F3CA853A3927A3ECE987AA9CA285A27037B

focuses on killing and winning. it will run around the arena until it finds an enemy or item. it holds enemies as a higher priority so if it finds both it will attack the enemy before it goes for the item.

sentry mk2 09024ECE8F4141E5207F352BDE65102BAD708BAD70A56AA

stays in 1 place and scans in a clockwise motion for enemies. it fires on anything it sees.

scoreBOT E52250C2AC020D3B633DBC887AA9342A6037DB7D7

similar to rogue hunter but holds items as a higher priority and will attack while running from an enemy. designed to win by score instead of by kills.

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