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GonZor switchblade 2.0, help me please


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Hi, I have a MSI Wind, a Sandisk 4gb micro cruzer, and followed the instructions step by step to a T. The only folder that shows up under the System folder, is a SRC folder. No log folder to be found anywhere, tried the windows search on the u3 partition, as well as the flash partition. I'm using GonZor's switchblade 2.0 .

What gives? I also get a firepassword.exe-unable to locate mozcrt19.dll . I disabled the the firefox pw dumper option from the sbconfig options to see if this was the reason there is no log file. Still no go.

I've reinstalled 5 or 6 times now, making sure to delete all programs and files before starting up again. I'm stumped, where's the log? I double click on windows update list, and wifike, as well as some of the other apps and they pop up with the proper info in their respective windows.

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I have the same problem.

I get a error message saying:

"FIREPASSWORD.EXE - Component can not be found

This program could not start because MOZCRT19.dll could not be found. This problam may be solved by reinstalling the program."

Thats a really rough translation from my language to english but it should make sence.

Im using a sandisk cruzer micro 4gb and really need a solution to this, the program is meant to run stealth so a popup error is not to nice.

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