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Ancient Hardware


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I thought I'd post up a few images/links to info on really old computers I've owned and really wish I hadn't trashed/thrown out/sold all those years back...

ZX Spectrum


ZX Spectrum 128


Acorn A3000 (Stock config.)


Amiga 500+ (w/Impact Series II 500MB Side-Mount HDD Unit)



(Impact Series II HDD... that's what an Amiga HDD unit looked like!)

Amiga 600HD


Amiga 1200



Toshiba T3100/20 (http://www.old-computers.com/MUSEUM/doc.asp?c=917)


(One hell of a laptop...)

Amstrad PPC512



(Full-size keyboard!)

Not-so Portables:



IBM PS/2 8530 (w/Tape Storage Unit in the second drive bay)


Apologies for the long post, tried to keep it brief, it just /looks/ big :)

Photobucket seems to have mangled my pics!

Anyhow, now it's your turn :)

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I still use my C64 for gaming and back in the day I used to use it with a modem to go on BBS. The C64 is still very useful today if you head over to http://www.volny.cz/dundera/ you can pick up a IDE64 cartridge that will allow you to connecting an IDE hard diskdrive and CD-ROM drive to your C64, I also have the ETH64 device which is a Ethernet card for the C64.

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