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USB hack for non U3 devices


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Hi @ all,

after reading through the forum for a couple hours, I still have not found a proper way to setup my non U3 usb device (SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire and Super Talent Pico C).

Is there a way to setup a non U3 device to make it play a certain file without any visible interaction ON ANY UNMODDED SYSTEM?

Thx in advance for helping me out!


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A non U3 device can never come a U3 device!!!

U3 Technology has something at the hardware level which to windows appears as a CDROM drive..

So in other words, there's is nothing you can do with software to make it autorun! Your USB drive must have CDROM emulation in the hardware...

So you'll have to get U3 drive if you want TRUE autorun capability for windows!

So bottom line, don't buy it unless it says U3!

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