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odd monitor size


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ok so my monitor is borked, it was a 19" 4:3 (so no widescreen)

now i plan on going to get one i saw in an ad of the local mediamarket (they suck but r affordable)

saw a nice lcd display for €150 fitting my budget, odd thing was the size, its 21.6"

i kno monitors of 21" and 22" even ones of 21.3", but 21.6" seems an odd size , and am wondering what the max res'd be and if i'd run into any probs >.>

Thnx in advance :)

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I was not familiar with this size either, a quick google search will give you the info you are looking for. Also, don't see why you would have any problems assuming your GFX card can handle the resolution, which it should be able to.

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thanks a lot all :) ^_^

Grab it's model number, find it's native resolution using google.

did :) its the AOC 2216Sw and aparently the rez = 1680x1050 .

unfortunately today i went n paid an advance, wich i now hope i can get back , cos i've noticed a lot of bad reviews, and the prob it only has a vga port (wtf? who does tht these days) wich wasn't mentioned in the ad , while my videocard has 2 DVI connectors , and i'm not planning to stick a fugly adapter between it , or let it degrade my image quality ...

ffs shouldn't 've paid the advance. :(

ps the orig ad : 48229789.png

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