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@cykio - I'm looking into getting some new kit. Can you tell me the make and manufacturer of the low (maybe 1.25m high) cabinet with the door in the first photo in your post on 13 May.

Thank you

here is a small wall cabinet that should do the job for you


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Just came across this thread and though I would add what I have.

Cable and phone patches:


More Rack

I have anywhere from 2 - 8 CAT5e drops per room (gives me the ability to change vlans by plugging into different ports in office, bedroom, etc...) that mostly hook into the L3 3550. Each wall plate has CAT5e, RG6 for cable, RG6 for SAT and CAT3. EATX server is virtual, running 8 VMs. Unfortunately, with one foot patch cables you find yourself not able to move the cable too far so I end up just changing VLANs on the port instead of actually moving the cable to another port. ;) When I actually get off my lazy ass and write ICND2, this will probably be a lot messier.

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too lazy to take a pic, especially since the equipment is all over the place

buy basically my setup it

1 linksys wrt54gl running tomato firmware, (my main pc, and my second pc is connected to it)

1 netgear router, gigabit ethernet and 802.11n, connected to the wrt54gl, so I can have 802.11n access

1 actiontec modem/ router connected to the netgear router,

I keep the routers in different areas of the house, and I run 3 wireless AP's, with 1 of them being set up for others to try and crack, and if they do, I can monitor them and grab passwords and any other info I can get a hold of :)

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The plan for "the house of beasts and a hobbit" (Uni house, i didnt come up with the name)


Its a house of 6 guys and as the resident geek im in charge of all things tech related, the whole house has ethernet running through it so it wont be much work. In all honesty i cant wait to start, in total the house has:

4 xboxs

2 PS3s

6 Laptops

2 pcs

1 wii

1 server

Im also planing to run audio cable through the ethernet cavitys in the walls to each room so that the music can be played all though the house. As well as the "beer wall" which will be an automated beer can despenser using a finger print reader to authenticate/charge who ever wants one, which ive wrote the software for just got to build it (ill post the finished project later) and if ive got enough part lying around a firewall in the cupboard as well.

Ive got another 2 months off before uni starts again, ive got to do somthing with my time :)

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Here's mine, pretty simple, but it does everything I need it to. The one thing I'd like to change is my printer. I'm using an old Laserjet, it works well for me, but it's not ethernet capable. I have a good power setup. I need it because we get severe thunderstorms and outages in my area on occasion. I think it's saved my equipment a few times by now, plus it's nice to be able to stay powered up when the lights go out. It can run everything for a few hours.

This is a recent change for me. Before this, I was using DSL with a Linux server providing firewall, file, and print services. I switched to cable for various reasons and decided to retire the server. I was getting tired of maintaining it and found I can get by without it. Pretty happy with the new setup especially since it's about 4 times faster than the DSL connection. Although, I miss the WINS server. Browsing for shares can be a little bit flakey when letting Windows elect the master browser.


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Today i added a 2nd wifi AP and switch. So i thought i'd share it. It's pretty intense. Most of the stuff is tucked out of sight so people think i'm normal. While 1 switch it gbit. it's all 10/100 except wifi.

Okay so first we have my p3 550 running ubuntu on which i have configured myself(non smoothwall or shit). It has 4 NIC's. 1 LAN, 2 WAN, 1 wireless LAN. Written my own fail over scripts in php. Squidproxy cacheing everything including youtube videos(which is GREAT bw saver for me because i watch music vids 10 or 20 times lol.)


This is my ADSL2+ modem WAN1.


Okay here we have 1 switch, 1 cable modem WAN2, 56kmodem used for sending faxes from hylafax which runs on the p3.


Okay here is the wifi AP 1. Its Upstairs. Wifi is on it's own lan. In order to access the rest of the network clients must VPN into the p3.


Here is the middle level of the house. We have another switch for the LAN and AP 2 on the same network as AP 1. The AP(black) runs DD-WRT and does dhcp for the wireless network. It configures the p3 as the deafult gateway though. It's just to save a tiny bit of load on the p3.


On the otherside of the middle level we have another switch for the TV area. This is for media center and ps3.


And Finally we have downstairs. It's only two rooms so it only has 2 ports. this is just a switch on the LAN.


Heres a network diagram i made in paint.

forum cuts this image off click it to see it fully.


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some very cool networks here i would love to go rack mount but cant justify the cost for now

heres my home network more or less im sure im missing a few things only really put on key systems

when i get a chance ill post some pics of the setup but heres a map for the time being just finished moving most of the system to gigabit

the wifi bridge is to my sisters house who lives just down the street and is to cheap to buy internet or her own printer so she shares mine


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Messy, I know, Its my second diagram, though. I couldn't figure out how to start with a bigger 'background' in Visio


Just wondering are you using software or hardware based vpn? if not using at all!

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This times 4 with me somewhere in the middle


Got about 57 (free Wifi internet acces) home's that connect to the internet (not counting the random users that are passing by with there hendheld (PDA) or laptop).


Just out of curiousity what kind of uploading speeds do you get out of your two wan connections?

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Professional, I like it.

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Pretty simple setup. My lab is located in our garage that was partitioned off to create another room. Cable internet gets dumped into a WRT54GS wireless router, from there it goes into a Netgear 24 port gigabit switch. Out of the switch, blue cables connect to 3 PCs and Xbox 360 in the rest of the house. Red cables connect to the 8 Compaq Evo SFF mini's in the bottom of the rack. These I use for various projects. One shelf is running replicated MySQL servers and an Oracle db server. The other shelf is running my file and print server. A couple spares left over. Above the monitor is a Dell 16 port KVM that I use for the Compaq minis. There is an unused Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL that used to be part of my cisco lab before I sold it. What you don't see is my main workstation area where there are four more systems and three laptops.

Do you have any server clusters at all?

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Just curious, how much has everyone spent on the networking equipment in their house? Might be a good little bit of information to throw in along with your diagram andor pictures.

I am thinking in spending a little over $20,000 for the network gear, plus computers and servers. I will be running gigabit switches with fiber optic modules, x2 vdsl modems configured on a load balancing set up. a few wireless access points with radius authentication. A domain controller with DNS, AD and DHCP running.

x1 4TB NAS, with web-based managment console and FTP access enabled as well. x8 suveinllance cameras, that can be controlled or viewed from over the internet.

This is a rought idea of how I am planning in building my network. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to comment.

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