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low cost setup of a tv production?


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Hi, I have watch a episode on how hak5 setting up a production studio with cheap equipment and software I for got what episode that is. anyway can any one suggest a software and equipment that can act like a character gen and do some tv effects like flashing announcement while your broad casting. I work in a small cable tv here in my town and budget here is a problem so is there a do it your self production setup I would like to try it.

Here are the software so far I'm looking in to it:




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Thanks for the lead on Ubuntustudio, I didn't know about that. I've been keeping an eye on proper video editing tools on Linux, as this is the last hurdle for me before I really can have Linux on my desktop. Professional tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas for Windows have no competition from the Linux front at all. For video editing it seems like you're stuck with Windows for now.

There's free tools for Windows though, they're a bit basic and probably on the same level als the Linux tools (VirtualDub and it's cousins for instance). If you have the patience and the motivation, you'll get stuff done.

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Ubuntusrudio is a software for postproduction, not for editing while your broadcasting/streaming live. Afaik software that can do this is very, very expensive. On Hak5 they use a hardware video mixer which starts around 800$ or so, I think.

I'd suggest you head over to revision3.com and watch this episode of the gazette: http://revision3.com/rev3gazette/studioop/

There they show what they used to build their studio, maybe you can get some info on what to buy there.

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I've been a Linux and UNIX user for longer than most people on here have been alive, well UNIX anyway, and I will say this, no one in there right mind uses Linux for video or music production as it's a pain in the ass unless you can pay a team of coders to come up with a custom solution to fit your needs (which is what a lot of film studios do for rendering).

Your going to need a hardware device, you will need to buy a video mixer, or get something like a NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 SDI which may cost a bit more depending on what your doing.

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