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Just how populair is a EeePc (701)


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RM are a terrible company to deal with. They do things like replace motherboards with different models so your image no longer works.

I don't know about the EEEPC in schools, its a nice idea but I can't see how its really going to help when the basic structure of the english education system is so broken. They are never going to hand these out in schools where most of the kids don't have any IT kit at home. It will be interesting to see if these computers actually help kids to learn how to learn though, as that is missing from education.

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I waited for the 900

If that is the case you do not want to go for the 900, you must be going for the 901 version

The 900 version from Asus is more like the Windows ME (ME = Mistake Edtion) from Microsoft.

I know this becous i own the 701, 900, 901 version en the most fun i have with the 701, why? just becous its the hackable one of them all.


And just 4 the hack of it.


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