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linux 3d box


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Hi i started using linux 2days ago so i am a total neewbie to linux. Im using ubuntu and made my 3d box but i need help with the bottom of it. How would i get a pic at the bottom instead of it just being green? heres a picture of my box but if you look closely you can see that the bottom is just green and not a picture. How would i leave the bottom and top with nothing at all or get a pic for the bottom?? Please help

OK wow i was gonna embed the pic with my post but it goes right outa thepage of the thread lol so heres the link instead

My 3d ubuntu box

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If you using ubuntu (8.04)

Step 1:

We'll install the "ubuntu tweak" software, helpful for people who are new to ubuntu.

From the desktop goto System->Administration->Software Sources then click third party repositories and copy/paste these lines:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ubuntu hardy main

After adding these open up your terminal aka "shell" (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)

Now Type:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

After installing the software, goto Applications->System Tools->ubuntu tweaks, in the tweak software browse to "Applications->Add/Remove" Check the box next to "Compizcong-Settings-Manager", and then hit okay, follow the on screen prompts to install the Adv Desktop Settings.

After your done, close the tweak software and browse to System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, under general options, select the "desktop size" tab, and change the "Horizontal Virtual Size" value to 4, hit back, and in the main window enable "desktop cube" and "rotate cube" and your all done :) lots of other fun tweaks are in the Compiz Settings Manager/ubuntu tweak software, so play around and have fun.


Check out this site for tips and tricks for customizing your box, and having fun in linux:


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