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Fix Multi Boot [Vista -> XP]


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Hello, I have been on google & support.microsoft, but no luck.

I hope someone else knows about this.

I have a pre installed Vista. I have a huge list of problems since I upgraded.

So, I decided to shove XP to the side of Vista when ever I want to use certain programs.

Here is the setup:



Preinstalled Vista with XP installed after.

I have gone to "Startup & Recovery" -> Settings to change the boot order, but Vista does not see XP.

I can not access XP.

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Well, I made it back & I failed to fix the boot loader thingy.

Vista doesnt want to see XP & XP doesnt wanna see Vista.

I learned something new that solved my problem though:

- If I insert the my XP CD during boot it will boot the CD & if I dont "Press any key", it loads XP

- If I take out the CD, it boots into Vista.

Problem solved.

Just gotta keep the CD out of danger.

It already has a giant white scratch from when I missed the CD tray & lightly scrubbed the side of the tray...

Damn you, ultra fragile CD!

Is it legal to make a "Backup Copy"?

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The guide that VaKo provided works like a charm. I used to boot XP and Vista home premium on my laptop. The guide is simple and works extremely well. You shouldn't need the cd to boot into xp.

I understand why he got confused... after installing XP, he was booting to Vista still when he should have been booting to XP.

He got kinda derailed, but it's OK...

he's done the repair to Vista anyway (tho apparently it wasn't needed in his case)...

now he just needs to run the last step... Easy BCD. http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1

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