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new website... bland basic setup....


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:lol: the other day i was up working on my server because i needed something to do, and the dream of bringing back my old website was kinda eating me up inside! So finally with some help the other day by The_PHP_jedi and bryan i was able to fix my no existing php issue that had some how wired its way through. I was told by the jedi that all it was was a permissions issue... from there i mass fixed the problem and from there was able to go on about everything else. Btw jedi thanks again! Ne way ... through out the day i was thinking to myself:

man this web page is bland n boring i wonder what i can do to improve it...

Content i know is key to improving traffic to the page! But also I would like to visually improve the dull blank look it has.. any ideas and how to improve this web page?


I am doing what i can for now as far as content goes... but please do help!


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you have to design a page according to the content it has, right now it has no content - so is very difficult to design.

my initial advice, bin it. there are lots of "techblogs" and nobody is going to find yours, or care.

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wordpress is a great starting point, but no wordpress blog in the world is going to drive traffic to a site if the content is not there. That said, maybe work on a general theme of what you want for your site, and then start building some graphical interface to reflect that. Combine good content + easy to use interface + eye catching appeal and you have a start to a better site. All eye candy and no content makes for a boring page and vice versa -- If you have tons of great content, but I can't navigate or find it easily, then it kind of defeats the purpose.

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