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developers firefox?


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i was looking for addons for firefox and i noticed a new program in their list of programs. it was called sea monkey. of course i took a look. turns out its a web browser like firefox but its got a lot more to it built in. like a wysiwyg html editor and a java console. an email client. and a built in irc client. theres a lot more to it but i havent looked much.

its relatively new and the community making addons and themes is small so it doesnt have the vast library firefox does. but its still worth a try to me. im gonna try it for a while and see how it is. if anyone else wants to give it a shot then here.



yes i know most of that can be downloaded for firefox but im trying it anyway lol.

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What? Sea-Moneky has been around for ages.

ah. well considering how rare it is i look for addons its entirely possible i missed it lol.

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