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1. I am looking for classic 80's-90's movies, the type of stuff you see on TV on Saturday afternoons. If anyone has any suggestions to some good ones, (the classic action/suspense/thriller's and some good comedy ones), please throw em out here.

2. I have developed a rather liking you could say, to anime style drawings of girls with kitty ears holding large weapons, I find it extremely cute. If anyone has more like the below, please post.


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She has 2 sets of ears (one is fake) both have ear protectors in/on them? That confusing.

Her real ears are the kitty ears, I think the other ear protectors are just decorative.

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all the old james bonds should keep you happy for a while. Live and let die is a classic

Seen them waaaay to many times. I am looking more into a kinda epic adventure, with all that leet 80's-90's music, montages etc...

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