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Problems with Vista...


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I'm having a little problem with Vista at the moment. Up until a few days ago everything was fine and dandy. But all of a sudden my search features dont work at all. The start search says "Search failed to initialize" and the search in Explorer is about as much use as a cream slice too. When I click search or return nothing happens. It just doesnt respond. (By this I mean the window is functional but i could hit enter a million times and nothing happens)

I have searched the MS KB and followed a few different methods of getting it to work again but none of them have had any effect at all.

Any help on this would be incredibly appreciated because I use the Start search feature a lot.



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Did you download, install or disable any services recently?

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I didnt do anything at all to change my system. I just clicked start typed it in and the problem was there. System restore doesnt work either, errors are found.

Will do a disk check over night and post results. thnaks for the help, any other ideas are welcome!

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New problems have arisen! after doing a disk check Vista now bluescreens and wont boot at all... Any idea where to fix this? Guy in PC world said something about a recovery console and blah nlah nlah but I'm not sure what I'm doing. Cant boot in safe mode, have no other Sata enabled PC and no funding to buy a convertor usb doodah.

Anybody know where i could get a boot disk for Vista? off to search google now..

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