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I've googled' this question and still need help.


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Not quiet sure what you mean, but you will only be able to connect to one wireless network even when there are many that you could connect to. You wlan drivers will probably include a tool for searching and selecting which networks to contect to, if not then you can do it with the windows wireless configurator.

Otherwise for monitoring and searching for acess points but not connecting to them you have NetStumbler.

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Okay, My Laptop auto connects to random available Wireless connections when im wardriving. I need to know the proper way to stop the auto connect and select which network i want to connect to. Manually or by a program. Do you understand now?

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try this...

Go to Network Connections.

Right click on your Wireless Network Connection

Go to the Wireless Networks Tab

uncheck Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings.

I think that will solve the auto-connect problem.

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