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open source?


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im trying to find an open source keylogger. doesn't matter the language as long as its coded in a single language instead off like 20 files.

i wanna take a look at it so i can get the gist of a keylogger and work on my own simple one in perl.

i have been using google and other search engines. looking for both perl keyloggers and open source keyloggers. and after reading a few forums of people posting about perl keyloggers ive noticed a lot are flamed or more. receiving little to no help at all. so i want to address a few things before you post.

1. this is not intended to be used on any computer i dont already have administrative access on. partially because it would be a gamble trying to use it for other systems as they would have to have perl on their system. and partially because im not making it for malicious reasons.

2. i know the language isn't really designed for this but i want to try. why not try to take something and make it so it does something its not supposed to do. thats modding/hacking. im not doing this for malicious reasons im doing it for the fun and challenge.

3. no im not asking for links to any keylogger so i can screw with someone. i only want something open source. im not even going to install or run the prog. i just want to look at the source and see generally how its done so i can code my own. i dont plan to translate it. i just want to use it as a guideline.

any help is greatly appreciated



im still looking on my own. i just wanna see if anyone can give me a hand finding one lol.



right after posting this i find exactly what im looking for..............

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