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linux question


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Ok i tried installing linux to no avail. I am trying to install a linux OS onto my old pentium 4 desktop pc. so i tried installing freebsd( i know its not linux) and the cd could find any of the installer files and it failed so then i dl the gentoo minimal cd and try to istall that but its also missing some file to install.

So my question is

"Could anyone point me in the right direction for installing linux maybe a tutorial based on a specific dl since i think im dling the wrong iso".

Im also not fussy about what distro it is( not ubuntu ). Another restriction is my 12gig dl limit for the month so a smaller distro would be nice :).

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'Missing some files'? That's an error that suggests some thing is wrong hardware. The CD-ROM drive might be not reading the CD correctly. The CD you burnt may have errors on it, check the md5 of the image and burn it again at the slowest speed your CD writer allows, or some thing is wrong with your CD burner.

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Ubuntu is one of the more popular distributions of the Linux kernel, it's official installation guide can be found here.

However, as Sparda mentioned the problem may be a faulty component, probably a CD/DVD drive.

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That's strange, the Gentoo minimal CD is just a shell, you have to download every single part of the system yourself, so it shouldn't need any of the files from the CD.

I recommend Gentoo if you have a lot of spare time and a strong motivation, because it will take you a lot of hacking do make most of the things work. On the bright side, you will only download the programs you want, and Gentoo is known to be one of the fastest distributions.

Everything you need to know about Gentoo is right there on www.gentoo.org - the install guide and very helpful forums.

Another site worth visiting is the unofficial Gentoo wiki at www.gentoo-wiki.com with a lot of HOWTOs.

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When burning the ISO, use ImgBurn on 1x write speed.

If that still doesn't work, try Virtualization or Wubi.

I never got Ubuntu to install on my comp, and my comp is really good! (Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz, Zalman 9700LED, ASUS P5K-E WiFi, Antec P182, SATA 500GB Hard-Drive, GIGABYTE 8800GTS 512MB, IDE 400GB Hard-Drive, Altec Lansing VS4121 Speakers, 20x SATA DVD Drive, Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard & a laser Logitech Mouse!)

So if all else fails, just use VMWare (or whatever the free equivalent is). Or install it as Wubi.

Hope what I have written helps,


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well if you need to use very lil hd space then try using knoppix as an actual os instead of just a live cd. theres a guide somewhere that tells you how to install it on your comp. its got distro's small enough to burn to a single cd or large enough to a dvd. so the most it would use is about 4 gigs. and since both the cd and dvd version are up for grabs you could have an os on your comp(that is good) that uses less than a gig.

google is your friend in this case as i dont have the links atm


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