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imoria translation project


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i enjoyed converting the txt game into the languages i knew when we had the text game community project. so i wanna try doing it again with a larger game. i think the main thing that killed the original so quickly is that it was very short and all the languages were converted quickly and not many people wanted to add to the game after it was translated (i plan to take it and extend it a lot at some point)

well this is an open source roguelike game. still not actual graphics which will make life easier on newer programmers. and so far there seem to be different versions(check the wikipedia article) but heres one that is in C for linux. this game is much larger than the previous txt adventure. i was going to just post a larger text adventure but i thought that it might have a large lack of interest and noone would work on it and besides, most of the open source txt adventures i found had already been converted to many coding languages. also thought about just going with nethack which is also open source. but it was way larger than this.

i dont really think this project will take off because if those of you out there are anything like me then you will prolly just think its too much time for too little reward. but i'd like to see something like a hak5 programming team come out of this. a group of people spread across the world working on a game or program. then again an individual effort is just as good.

heres the site for the code


id like to help but i don't know C yet. i can probably understand most of it if i read it but i dont know enough to translate it to another language. though if it does get translated into something i know i will work on it lol.

heres the copyright notice

{ Moria Version 4.8    COPYRIGHT (c) Robert Alan Koeneke        }
{                       Public Domain                                   }
{                                                                       }
{       I lovingly dedicate this game to hackers and adventurers        }
{       everywhere...                                                   }
{                                                                       }
{                                                                       }
{       Designer and Programmer : Robert Alan Koeneke                   }
{                                 University of Oklahoma                }
{                                                                       }
{       Assitant Programmers    : Jimmey Wayne Todd                     }
{                                 University of Oklahoma                }
{                                                                       }
{                                 Gary D. McAdoo                        }
{                                 University of Oklahoma                }
{                                                                       }
{       Moria may be copied and modified freely as long as the above    }
{       credits are retained.  No one who-so-ever may sell or market    }
{       this software in any form without the expressed written consent }
{       of the author Robert Alan Koeneke.                              }
{                                                                       }

ready set go

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