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Nice little prank with Eclipse IDE


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Hi Everyone,

I thought that this might be a fun little rank to play on your developer friends who use the Eclipse IDE. Basically, we want to start the application in mirror mode from the user's normal shortcut on their desktop. This can only be done is the user has set up a GUI shortcut for the application and does not normally boot it from the console.

So when you start eclipse with the following argument:

Windows: eclipse.exe -dir rtl

Linux: ./eclipse -dir rtl

It will start eclipse in right-to-left mode to let users who use Arabic or Hebrew for their language to be readable. But using it this way just flips the GUI the other way with english still as the language. If you set up the user's normal GUI shortcut with the -dir rtl argument, eclipse will always boot up in mirror mode.

A simple prank, but confusing people tends to always bring some sort of fun. :)

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on macs, i cant remember the keyboard comand, but it will inver the screen colors. i had a friend who would "sneak" into the apple store and do it to all the machines, which bugged the hell outa them since they didnt know the key sequence and would reboot every computer to get it back to normal.

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