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Hak5 US Meetup


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So the closing date for the second EU meet up is fast approaching and throughout the start of the planning, people were saying that it should be done in the US, although a EU meet up in the US would have been odd. So I would like to put forward the idea of a Hak5 US meetup. Would anyone be up for one?

The laws there are a little more restrictive and people are far more likely to bring legal action again a person if something went wrong, but I can't see why there couldn't be some kind of informal get together were we can have a laugh and geek out.

I'm not sure what the rules would have to be maybe over 21, I don't know.


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What is there to see and do in V.A?

Depends on if you want to get together for a hak5 gathering, or see the sites. Virginia has a whole historic area as well as Bush Gardens theme park.


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What is there to see and do in V.A?

Not much, it one of those areas where outdoor things are popular, camping and such. Well I'm not sure what the rules are about non students on college property, but most will just call the police or security on you. They have/will probably worked something out.

I really can't think of anything I would want to do there, all there is are shops, bars, and the great outdoors. Maybe get blind drunk and get eaten by a bear. Well college women + beer + being English and frequenting an area of the US where not a lot of English people visit, would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Looks like fights are around £500 from Gatwick to Roanoke, so anyone coming in form the UK, its not to bad. I don't know I'll fly in from wherever i am I guess. I'll see if anyone wants a lift closer to the time as I'll have a rental car I'm sure. Looks like the Holiday Inn University Blacksburg is okay too.

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being over 21 myself, i'm not against having a policy of 21+ only, but really, what activities (besides consuming copious amounts of alcohol) would restrict people to being over 21?

There is probably laws against being intoxicated while in charge of minors and being in charge is as simple as being an adult. I'm sure there are laws against exposing them to things such as alcohol, so if you bought a case of beer/whatever and left it on the side and someone under 21 decided to have one, you would be in the shit.

I'm also sure there are a bunch of laws related to lude behavior, which could get you in trouble. That could be as simple as them over hearing something or walking in on you doing something with a nice college girl.

I guess Darren will just have to deal with that

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From what I know of in Virginia, you can't drink alcohol in a public area. Minors cannot possess or drink alcohol.

Some bars will allow minors into their establishment but will card if you try to buy a drink. So if we wanted to meet up and hang out at a bar, we can do that, but it has to allow the 21 under crowd. (For example, buffalo wild wings is a restaurant that lets the 21 under crowd in, and they do card if you try to buy a drink).

Different college campuses have rules too. The one I went to was a dry campus (NO ALCOHOL whatsoever).

Okay... checked out the website:



Anyways... it'd be easier to have a meetup in a touristy city where there's tons to do, especially if someone lives there and is willing to have people over for drinks or a party or something...

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