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I need help on this prob


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I need to no on windows XP to totally lock down and make a wallpaper perma. wallpaper. I can to a patch file to reset the wallpaper every boot but I need a way to lock down the display properties and lock down to were you can't change the desktop from the picture preview and browsers IE and FF, This is for a laptop that I loan my cusion I just want to is there is a free app out that makes it to were you need a password to change the wallpaper.

I found reg entrys to manully set the wallpaper and restrict the Display control panels and I can do up batch files for those but I want to know if thier is a app out thier, Also Linux is out of the question the CD-ROM drive is dead and HDD is about dead. The WIFI card for it is one of those that don't have a linux drivers for it from factory or 3rdparty.

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