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Google ordered to hand over personal details of millions of YouTube users to Viacom


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Ugh, Viacom... so creepy. I really hope this ruling doesn't go through. That's milliions of people's information.

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i really dont see why they should get EVERYONES credentials, since seeing they are up to sue Google and Youtube. If they get everyone thats uploading illegal videos what are they going to do next??sue all the people?? :lol: :lol:

Why dont they just sue Youtube, Google because youtube is the one that should have had a restriction for video content uploading.

Besides that not everybody uploads videos that are illegal so i dont see why thy need everyones details.

The way i see it Viacom shouldnt even win the case, because if you think about it why didnt they bring this up the time youtube started??I feel viacom waited for Youtube to grow into what it is today before they made their move....Anyhoo i dont use the service so i dont care who gets sued haha

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