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My first python program: Leet-Timer


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Woo, first python program: The Leet-Timer

It displays the passed time since 13:37:00; you can see 13:37 as noon if you would like to.

I'm sure there can be done alot about the style of programming, so I would like to hear some opinions about it (especially the while-loop).

#! /usr/bin/python
# Leet-Timer
# First test program

# import used libraries or commands
from time import tzset
import os
from time import strftime
import time

## ## ## ##

os.environ['TZ'] = 'LEET+13:37LEETDST+11:37'    # sets a new timezone and define its offset
tzset()    # applys the new timezone

# displays and updates the current leet time [VERY DIRTY]
while '42' > '23':
    os.system("clear")    # uses the shell command "clear" to clear the command shell
    print(strftime('%H:%M:%S'))    # prints the current leet time
    time.sleep(0.5)    # sleep half a second then continue


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