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How many fans are in your computer?



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  1. 1. How many fans are in your computer

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    • Water Cooled

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Whoa... I have 6 total. Dayum, never counted those up!

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4 - CPU, Power Supply and One rear and GPU.

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I have 1 on the front, one on the side, one on the back, 1 power supply, 1 video card, and 1 cpu

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my main computer has one(1) it's my tz my tower however has

3 on case

1 psu

1 gfx card

1 2nd gfx card

1 psu

and another one if you count the small one I have blowing across my rack

Either I read that wrong, or I SO got that pun. ;)

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Just wondering how many fans people use.. this poll does not include your cpu, graphics card, psu fan just to let you know

1st poll i dont know if it works so lets pray

I only have one fan but put 0 on the pole.

Because that one fan is attached to a heat sink that covers most of the motherboard.

So it would be a cpu/gpu/every-other-chip fan and you said to exclude those.

By the way most laptops fall into this category (one fan cools all) :)

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w00t laptop = 1 fan

Your average cheapo computer probably has 2, one in PSU, one for CPU. Most cheapo computers typically don't have a case fan, or GPU fan. The slightly above cheapo computer has mabey one case fan.

If you built the computer youself, it should be something like

1 for PSU

1 for GPU

1 for CPU

1 for Case Front (for Cooling HDD's)

1 for Case Back

1 for Case Side or Top (optional)

1 for Second GPU (optional)

5 to 7 is typical for a custom built computer.

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I have three oldschool fans in my case. Ilya, Kainchick and DarkSenay. They can get kinda loud in there so every now and then I just kick my case and they shut up.

hahaha thats epic. Currently I have 2 large fans in my desktop not including the GPU/CPU/PSU got more so adding them soon.

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I only go off of fans now I tryed water cooling but was hooked up right and the pipe pop and anifrezze went all over my PCs inside and on my monitor. that PC case It still smalls like anifrezze.

on a side note . I modded a 250watt to work on a AMD Athlon board I super charged it with 6 FANs with 1 switch per fan it sounds like a Jet engine

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