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Combining Two .avi Files


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Anyone have a recommendation on software the can combine multiple video files, no editing really needed. Preferably free, and Windows or Linux based. :)

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Definitely Virtual Dub.

Remember that if you dont encode your video, it will be like about 1Min=2GB for 1024x768 at decent FPS

one of my 40Min video with 10FPS was 70GB uncompressed

EDIT: My guess was way off. Fixed

For compression, I use "Super C" because I can drag-n-drop ALL my edited videos, hit encode & go to sleep.


Not sure what Virtual Dub has for encoding, or if it is any good.

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If the original files are already encoded with some codec, best to keep the same codec and bitrates, frames, etc, so the audio and video line up. Personally, I like Virtual dub with xvid as my codec of choice.

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I like using winavi

you can combine any number of videos into 1 file

only problem is that winavi is not free

but it is the best converter I ever used

much better than SUPER and any others I use,

it is just so simple to use and they have their own codec that makes converting much faster, it is not multi threaded so it only uses 1 core but with 1 core it gets 300+ FPS while converting

and it makes it extremely easy to use, just select the format you want to convert to (it does many formats), then select the video files, then if needed use the advance section to add subtitle files or resize the video into a resolution of your choice or change the amount of compression

it has the least cluttered UI out of the converters I used


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I LOVE high quality, so i never encoded videos before, even slightly, because it would make the videos blurry-like.

Before I could not figure out how to encode in DivX / XviD because I would get error messages, so I tried MP4.

It was easy for me to figure out & is now my favorite. Quality is better than other stuff I tried before. [no idea what they were anymore]

BTW: Before when I edited vids, I would compress the huge AVIs with WinRAR.




best to keep the same codec and bitrates, frames, etc, so the audio and video line up.


As long as you dont change the frame rate, your audio/video alignment will be fine. You can change the bitrate [video quality] for smaller file sizes if you want.

If you have to change the frame rate because you want to save space, either record the original video [the very 1st one] at lower framerates, or if it is too late to do that, use a number that divides evenly like for a 30FPS vid, use 15FPS.

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