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My first big mod


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I have always wanted to make a fun hacktastic laptop that i could lug around with me as maybe a movie player/utility machine. Something small and cheap i could tear into and make my very own.

Well i have decided to do this with a G3 iBook i will be purchasing from ebay. The first step will be to tear it apart and using the Geektechnique idea http://geektechnique.org/projectlab/203 of painting paint the whole thing black. I will then add in a Dark Red film gel behind the apple to give it a nice red glow that should set nice with the black case. I may even do some hand painting work in white before painting on the black either with kanji or just some tribal designs.

Second step will be installing both linux (hoping Ubuntu) and 10.4 tiger in a dual boot style setup.

Third will be the insane process of getting the airport to work with linux.

I will be documenting this whole process for my new IPTV show Hackintosh Tv for either the first or second episode.

This machine will probobly end up in my office as fiddling machine or i may use Chicken of the VNC to use it to run my media box like a fancy remote. I think it would be cool to have this on the coffee table as a remote and conversation piece.

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Shin, I'm so off to ebay to get a G3 ibook now.

Glad to inspire :)

Go for a 800mhz atleast or it will have a hell of a time with running tiger. They are also the best to upgrade later with a bigger hard drive and RAM. Check out http://www.lowendmac.com/profiles.htm for the different versions you can pick up and what you can upgrade in them.

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This is a question from a noobosaur with an appetite to learn:

Would someone please explain the basics of what you can do with VNC (short summary that is easy for a newbie to understand please!!)


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Check out google and wiki for more detail.

VNC allows you to pipe the keyboard, mouse & screen over a network or the internet. This lets you use a computer in another room like you were sat infront of it. Or, you can run a computer with just a network cable hidden away in a closet and manage it over a network. Its used in setups with lots of machines (offices & schools) so the tech guys can fix it from there office, and not have to walk all over the place.

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