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Okay, I need help.


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my dad usto do this so i widnt git on with my mogil wm6 phon , thers a way with linksis routers 2 hide the server , and normal scanners dont pick it up so enles he nos what hes doing hes not in , he is probly a normil kid ho donloded air crack 4 free wifi , not aclty nowing how 2 scan for sertan herst freqwincys, dependng if u have n ,g ,or the other 1

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

Anyhow, to the OP, I've had great luck with WPA, even in an area that is highly populated with WiFi and highly wardriven.

So, WPA, MAC filter, and make sure you have set the router password to something hard. If he can get passed that, then have some fun with Airpwn, and some others, and show him not to mess with you.

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3 waze only 1 is rilly practical

1 u go in yor fron yard start a cazual conversaton kick him in the face step on his laptop and take a dooidiy in his mouth wall souting joo bin haxorized nubbz

2 brake the antina on yor router and run wierz

3 wpa and if he gits pass taht ther was one epesod i recall about deoffing

now lets play a litle game calld whatch 1 qill git u sent 2 jail what 1 will git brake yor router and whach 1 solves the problem with out u giting sewed or braking yor router

What the fuck did u just say.

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