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Is there a way to 100% cover your tracks..


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What about smashs the hard drive opening it and rubing a magnet on the plater(s)?

Someone else said there company drills through them... come on lifes more fun with powertools :twisted:

Edit Drills through the platters that is not the employees because well you'd need overalls for that one... veryyyyy messy

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Drilling through doesn't sound like such a hot idea. I mean, you obliterate a number of sectors that are close together, but there's a HELL of a lot of disk that should come out unscathed.

But I guess the real trick here is that it would have to appear that you had something very incriminating or valuable on that disk for anyone to invest in extracting the data. And since we were originally talking about police raiding a LAN party and how to prevent them from nailing you, no this will not be fool-proof, but getting a decent format on the drive and claiming afterwards that you came in late and didn't even have a chance to copy anything (not that you would, of course) should suffice to get you off with a warning.

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There's always DBAN.

Im sure many of you have it, but for those that havn't its a small bootable linux distro that basically copies randomness from /dev/urandom (i think) to your hdd multiple times.

Failing that, i find that a hdd, a small pile of thermite, a peice of magnesium ribbon, and a lighter, works very very well ;)

Night people.


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[dead idea]

Hmm, Piggybacking on the idea that tx threw out....a possible recipe for quick and thorough hard drive destruction. Aside from installing thermite destruction device into your computer...

But basicly have a burn box, that you can throw whatever needs destroying into (Removable drives, cd's, evil servers etc....), which either has a bed of thermite or a ceiling with thermite pouch in the top of the box, with a remote switch.

[/dead idea]

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You will burn your f*ucking house down if you light thermite inside.

Not only will you destroy all evidence on your harddrive but you will destroy all your possesions in the process.

A better method would be to remove the platters from the disk case and put them in a vat on muratic acid. This is readily available at any pool supply store.

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There are plenty of logs, guaranteed. Close to the 'printer' logging mechanism is a remote syslog... if they have that, you'll need to remove tracks from the remote syslog machine as well as the local machine.

And if a backup is run while you're in the system... ouch, backup media with logs.

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