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Is there a way to 100% cover your tracks..


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that's a linux command, so you need a linux boot floppy. There actually used to be a prgoram called auotclave, but it has since been discontinued for some reason or another.

Basically that boot disk and the script above format the hard drive.

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So if i get a Linux Boot Disc, and only use it to use that c ommand...then just turn my computer off and normally boot into Windows...That ell be it? All will be well?

I think you miss the point of what formating does...

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While it might seem clever to learn how to cover your tracks before you learn to get in, it might be worth investigating what your way of getting in leaves behind.

There's no surefire way to cover your tracks. There are surefire ways for an administrator to log your activities. Learn to get in without making a mess rather than where to find the duster (and if you do make a mess, know where it typically is so you can try to clean up anyways).

Much to Hollywood filmmakers dismay, there's no UNIX command yet named "logout_and_remove_any_trace_of_me".

The surefire way to get you logged without being able to remove it is to log directly to a printer. Only the most secure places do this however, due to the cost of logging, not to mention the trouble of having to dig through all that crap.

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