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Stage6-Clone Vreel.net

Blue Dragon

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Hey Guys,

Today the stage6-clone vreel.net has opened it's public beta phase. I'm really exited about this as I'm a video content creator myself and miss stage6 a lot cuz it was the only site that really had no limit to filesize, length or resolution of your videos and was one of the best when it came to variety.

Vreel.net promises to be just like stage6 and I really hope they can keep their word. Right now the site's really slow as it's getting hammered by millions of users trying to upload their videos (little bit like the download day at firefox yesterday^^). Many closed beta testers have given the website quite good reviews and I hope I'll be finally able to log into my acc I greated just 10 minutes ago.

I'm curious to see how good VReel really is and hoe it can stand out against it's competitors

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Site looks decent but loads slow I hope they get better optimise. I had a DB connection error

Yeah! I had those several times. No wonder when so many people visit the site. However, right now I'm uploading my first movie and so far everything's working all right.

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The webpage for it is down they have it going to the forums this is what they posted for the run down for yesturday

* VReel launches at 5PM GMT

* About 9,500 people try to connect at the same time - we're still up, but at a snails pace.

* DDoS hits VReel - we're down.

* Security patches applied, we're back up - and even more people try to connect at the same time.

* User tries to root VReel - and fails.

* Even more people try to connect to VReel - and we're down again.

* Server moved

* Seems to be a hardware issue - rather than sit there waiting..

* Server moved

* Database and cache split between two more servers

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any company that can make a site exactly like stage 6 will probably crush youtube in a few years because with stage 6, the quality was always hundreds of times better than youtube and the videos actually loaded instead of going half way then not loading any further until you refreshed the page a few times

I miss my 1080p videos :(

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