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Just a weird question, but should a Verisign site with all it's cert's be viewable from the web? I kept getitng hammered with traffic from this IP address, and this is what I find:

Something about it just doesn't seem right to me.

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VeriSign is flooding your internet connection?

Are you sure some thing (IE, Firefox, Opera or <name of thing that uses SSL>) isn't actually try to download those revocation lists?

Well, I was noticing my connection started slowing today and thought maybe it was just Comcast. I checked my firewall logs and then did a netstat and saw like 10 or so connections to that ip address as well as a bunch in my firewall log, some blocked, some allowed. Incoming connects blocked, but outgoing connects allowed on the log, so I think it was just when I was on one of the sites that had requested or tried to update a cert or something.

They stopped afer closing the browser and reopening it, so not sure if it was a legit connection, maybe a site I was on updating certs or something, but what I found weird was that I could navigate to that IP and see all the files listed for the site. Being Verisign, I figured none of it should be viewable from the browser and they would have either an index.html or something in there to hide the files in the directory from the public.

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