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Hak5 episode video mirror


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just a quick post here to let you guys know i decided to ssh all the hak5 xvid shows into some spare dreamhost space ...

so if your looking for an easy wget recursive address or just possibly a faster mirror check it out:



   Name                    Last modified      Size  
      Hak5--CounterStrike-..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  4.3M  
      Hak5--Hax0rflakes--x..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  2.6M  
      Hak5--MicroshaftMini..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  2.6M  
      Hak5--MicroshaftWeb2..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  4.6M  
      Hak5--MicroshaftWire..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  8.3M  
      Hak5--RealPlayerInte..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  2.5M  
      Hak5--SwitchAd--xvid..> 21-Aug-2007 21:44  2.8M  
      Hak5-ep1.avi            13-Apr-2006 16:01  180M  
      Hak5-ep2.avi            13-Apr-2006 16:06  204M  
      Hak5-ep3.5.avi          13-Apr-2006 16:06   43M  
      Hak5-ep3.avi            13-Apr-2006 16:21  227M  
      Hak5-ep4.5.avi          13-Apr-2006 16:24   51M  
      Hak5-ep4.avi            13-Apr-2006 16:35  250M  
      Hak5-ep5.avi            13-Apr-2006 15:20  250M  
      Hak5-ep7.5-xvid.avi     21-Aug-2007 22:52   18M  
      Hak5-ep8.5-PureTechE..> 22-Aug-2007 03:07   22M  
      hak5--2x01--xvid.avi    22-Aug-2007 17:13  353M  
      hak5--2x02--xvid.avi    22-Aug-2007 20:06  353M  
      hak5--2x03--xvid.avi    05-Nov-2006 01:45  353M  
      hak5--2x04--xvid.avi    05-Dec-2006 15:46  351M  
      hak5--2x05--purepwna..> 04-Jan-2007 15:22  404M  
      hak5--2x06--xvid.avi    04-Feb-2007 21:02   99M  
      hak5--2x07--xvid.avi    07-Mar-2007 21:38  302M  
      hak5--2x08--xvid.avi    06-Apr-2007 18:10  339M  
      hak5--2x09--xvid.avi    07-May-2007 20:57  404M  
      hak5--2x10--xvid.avi    04-Jun-2007 09:26  502M  
      hak5--3x01--xvid.avi    03-Sep-2007 22:25  220M  
      hak5--3x02--xvid.avi    30-Sep-2007 02:49  155M  
      hak5--3x03--xvid.avi    04-Nov-2007 09:15  186M  
      hak5--3x04--xvid.avi    17-Dec-2007 18:08  132M  
      hak5--3x05--xvid.avi    12-Feb-2008 16:55  245M  
      hak5--3x06--xvid.avi    15-Jan-2008 10:46  239M  
      hak5--3x07--xvid.avi    29-Jan-2008 14:13  263M  
      hak5--3x08--xvid.avi    06-Mar-2008 12:16  331M  
      hak5--3x09--xvid.avi    05-Apr-2008 14:57  166M  
      hak5--3x10--xvid.avi    05-May-2008 20:00   72M  
      hak5--Evil-Server-Si..> 22-Aug-2007 06:02   11M  
      hak5--SlashdotPatch-..> 21-Aug-2007 21:43  4.0M  
      hak5--cowbell-revolu..> 21-Jul-2007 01:26  2.8M  
      hak5--geekybartv--xv..> 22-Aug-2007 00:53   21M  
      hak5--happybright-hd..> 21-Jul-2007 01:26  2.4M  
      hak5--live--beta--00..> 15-Jan-2007 18:06  235M  
      hak5--microshaft-noo..> 21-Feb-2007 10:14   12M  
      hak5--nsa--xvid.avi     21-Feb-2007 10:13  4.6M  
      hak5--pixelclean-hd.avi 21-Jul-2007 01:27  2.6M  
      hak5--profit-beyond-..> 09-Jan-2007 19:54   27M  
      hak5--pwnj00z--xvid.avi 21-Feb-2007 10:13  4.2M  
      hak5--save-the-inter..> 21-Feb-2007 10:14  2.0M  
      hak5--the-token--xvi..> 22-Aug-2007 05:57   40M  
      hak5-ep10-xvid.avi      22-Aug-2007 08:39  346M  
      hak5-ep5.5-xmas-xvid..> 22-Aug-2007 02:34  6.3M  
      hak5-ep5.5-xvid.avi     21-Aug-2007 22:57  6.3M  
      hak5-ep6-xvid.avi       21-Aug-2007 19:28  203M  
      hak5-ep7-xvid.avi       21-Aug-2007 21:34  201M  
      hak5-ep8-xvid.avi       22-Aug-2007 00:53  203M  
      hak5-ep9-xvid.avi       22-Aug-2007 04:09  252M  
      hak5-ep9.5-xvid.avi     22-Aug-2007 06:41  4.9M  
      hak5live--003--rc1--..> 01-Aug-2007 04:50  188M  
      hak5live--004--rc2--..> 12-Oct-2007 20:23  241M  
      hak5live--005--rtm--..> 12-Oct-2007 20:32  239M  
      hak5live--006--ipod.mp4 29-Sep-2007 00:28  256M  
      hak5live--007--ut-dm..> 29-Sep-2007 00:29  267M  
      hak5live--008--ipod.mp4 01-Oct-2007 12:41  214M  
      hak5live--009--ipod.mp4 20-Dec-2007 08:11  177M  
      hak5live--010--ipod.mp4 16-Jan-2008 22:30  192M  
      hak5live011.mp4         18-Feb-2008 23:46   24M 

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