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Arp Poising


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Ok, ive got this to work today because i was bored, but in order to sniff i need to be connected via the ethernet jack which for me ruins the point. is it possible to use the built in wireless on this laptop to sniff? thanks in advance

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Well I was just watching the WPA PSK cracking episode, and I think you need the mad wifi drivers

and on the website it says your wireless card needs to have an Atheros chipset...

heres a link: http://madwifi.org/wiki/Compatibility

I was going to try cracking WPA but my wifi device is USB and it says mad wifi doesn't support USB devices... So Im not sure if I can still do it without having a laptop with a wifi card... maybe theres a way

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With arp poisoning, you don't need a card capable of seeing everything in order to sniff traffic, since you just sit between the targets. Something like Cain on windows with pcap or ETTERCAP (I think) for linux should do the job. Once the mitm attack takes place, you then open up any packet sniffer like wireshark and you can then sniff all the traffic between you and the targets.

If sniffing ALL wifi packets is your goal, you need a card that can be put into monitor mode, most likely using Linux since windows doesn't seem to support this well without something like CACE AirPCap devices: http://www.cacetech.com/products/airpcap_f...reshark_Product

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Reading -

Introduction to ARP Spoofing:


The Ingredients to ARP Poison:


Tools -

Plenty of tools, for all Operating systems:



This shows your step by step instuctions on howto test this on your network, along with the tool needed.

http://www.codeproject.com/internet/winarpspoof.asp or http://www.nextsecurity.net/

That should keep you bust for a while.

Good Luck,

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