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Computing/Hacking Documentaries


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I found a few random computing and hacking related documentaries so I figured I'd put them up on archive.org.


Internet Archive: Details: Computer Networks - The Heralds Of Resource Sharing (Arpanet, 1972)


Internet Archive: Details: Micro File - If I Had A Hammer (BBC Two, United Kingdom, 1985)


Internet Archive: Details: Equinox - Cybercops (Channel 4, United Kingdom, 21 Dec 2000)


Internet Archive: Details: How Internet Traffic Works - Warriors Of The Net (2002)


Internet Archive: Details: Time Shift - Hard Drive Heaven (BBC Four, United Kingdom, 28 Sep 2005)


Internet Archive: Details: PBS NOW - Tangled Web (PBS, United States, 2 Jun 2006)

I'll probably throw some more up soon, I have the "The Computer Programme" series mentioned in the "Hard Drive Heaven" video, it has 10 episodes and was shown originally in 1982 on BBC Two. If you have any more, why not post them here?

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