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What Consoles Do You Own? What Specs is your Gaming PC?


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i have a...


PS2 Fat with Red Devil Graphics


N64 green see-through jungle edition (best console ever)

and my rig has a...

Nvidia nForce 780i SLI Motherboard

Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40 GHz

Gforce 9800 GT Akimbo Cooling

Cooler Master 850W Power Supply

320Gig Hard Drive

4Gigs of Ram


5 fans

win XP Pro

hp vs17 monitor

would be better but ran out of money

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3x Xbox1 Running XBMC w/

Atari 2600





Sega Genesis

(w/ every game released in USA/JAP/EUR, yay for emulators)



Wii (modded)

2x Xbox 360 (one is modded)

::Gamin PC:: (PCs are where the real gaming takes place)

CPU: E8400 @ 3.4Ghz (stock 3.0Ghz)

RAM: 4Gbs PC6400 (putting in 8Gb soon)

HDDs: 2x 250Gb RAID 0 (OS Disk) And 2x 750Gb RAID 1 (storage)

GPU1: GTX 260 896Mb (clocked a little bit)

GPU2: 8500GT 512Mb (PhyX card)

Motherboard: EVGA 780i Mobo

PSU: 650w BFG

Case: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream

I/O Devices: G11 Keyboard (blue), Death Adder Razor (blue)

Monitors: 2x 19" LCDs

Operating System: Vista x64 Ultimate


3800+ X2

2Gb DDR 400

2x 300Gb RAID 1

ASUS A8N-SLi NForce 4 mobo


Ubuntu 8.10

EEE-PC 700 w/ 12Gb Internal @ 900Mhz, Running ubuntu / xp

Also have a 2Tb NAS that streams all my movies/music to the various xboxs and computers.

all of my gaming is done on my 360


... I win :) , though Leapo your box is very respectable

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@Leopo - How the heck you keeping your PC cool man? AMD Overclocked? Jeez.

Soon to be PC:

Intel E8200 OC'd.

Gigabyte GA-blahblah

2 - 4GB RAM (Depending on prices and speed)

A half decent sound card

2x 250GB HD Raid0 (hopefully, if i get a motherboard that allows)

Lightscribe Optical drive

Some other fancy stuff if Iv got any money left.

Im so specific...

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I'm not into console gaming anymore, but I do have a PS2 and have just recently purchased a Wii (about 5 days ago) and love it.

I mostly play games on my PC. Most of today's newer games run ALRIGHT, but since my CPU kind of sucks, the good video card isn't helping it out very much over my old 2600PRO.

If anyone has a socket 939 Athlon X2 I'll buy it :P.

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the money bunny came with good gifts - of 2 gtx 260 graphics card :)

MSI P7n Diamond nforce 780i with CircuPipe motherboard

Intel Core2Duo 2.4ghz running at 3.2ghz

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32bit

4gb of Corsair XMS2 Pro ddr2 800mhz

2x nVidia GTX 260 1gb DDR3

1x nVidia 8800gts for physx

500gb HDD

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Processor: AMD Phenom X4 Black Edition

Motherboard: MSI DKA790GX Platinum


Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT (SLI ready) 512 mb

HD: 4 Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB

Anyone know what to do when you run out of SATA links on the motherboard? Is there something out there that will allow me to have more? I have 5 now and they are all used.

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consoles i own :

xbox 360


ps2 (fat one)

laptop non gameing as it would not run anything

17 inch screen

2gb ram

intel pentium dual core 1.75ghz processer

100 gb hard drive

some cheap grapthics card

duno what sound card ive got but it works

vista home premium sp1

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Have owned at one time or another:





Gamecube (yes I know)

Sega Gamegear (have never seen anything eat AAs faster)


Own Now:

PS2 (old and slim)

Acquiring Soon:


Gaming Rig (why I don't have an 360 or PS3 currently):

Dell XPS 720 - would have custom built but Dell has financing :P

Q6600 @2.4 - going to be going to Q9550


8800gt 512MB - going to add second to get my SLI on

4 x 500GB SATA HDD (2 x RAID 0)

22" wide main display, 19" 4x3 secondary display (both DVI)

Windows Vista Home Premium x64

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround

Laptop for mild gaming:

Dell Inspiron 6400

C2D @ 2.00


100GB 7200RPM HDD

ATI X1400 video

15.4 WXGA

Windows Vista Business 32bit

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First Post, w00t.

Consoles owned:





Consoles Currently:


Xbox 360,


GameBoy Advanced, DS

Gaming Rig;

Q6600 @ 2.8Ghz, 4GB Ram, 500GB, 8800GT OC Alpha Dog,

MacBook Pro;

Intel C2D @ 2.4Ghz, 2gb Ram, 200GB HD, 8600GTM,

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XBOX 360





Original gaming computer: Sony Vaio Laptop

2 Ghz processor

Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 GT

200 Gb HDD


Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2

(The gfx card melted on it though :( )

My new laptop: Acer Aspire One

1.6 Ghz processor

8 Gb SSD

1.5Gb RAM

Linpus Linux Lite (cba changing atm xD )

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PS1 & 2

Xbox360 (still hate having to pay for fucking mp & to change a gamer tag name!)

Gaming PC:

Cooler Master centurion 5 cac-t05-ww case w/ 2x120mm front/back

Asus p5n-e sli mobo

Core2duo E6600@3ghz

Corsair XMS2 2GB

2x500gb WD sata 7200

FSP Blue Storm II 500w ps

Evga geforce 8800gts 640mb

Asus vw222u 22" lcd

*sigh* i remember when this pc was the shit :(

anyway, it still runs all games i throw at it maxed, except crysis

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Gaming PC:

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 6000+ ~3.0GHz with Zalman CNPS9300 AT cooler

RAM: 2GB PC 5300

Motherboard: Emachine T3626 default (Piece of crap)

Graphics: GeForce 7300 SE (Hopefully upgrading soon)

HDD: 2 - 1 with Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit - 160GB

1 with Windows 7 Beta 80 or 60GB ( Old laptop HDD)

Case: Antec Nine-Hundred

Power Supply: Antec EA-650W


Playstation 1

Playstation 2

Playstation 3

Original Xbox


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Consoles I own: ps2, and wii

Never kept my old ones.

Gaming rig:

AMD Athlon X2 5600+

2 gigs of gskill ram (thats sad i dont remember what speed it is)

Asus M2N4-SLI mobo

MSI Nvidia 8600GTS factory overclocked, 256mb.

Asus Dvd+-Rw w/lightscribe *hardly ever use the damn lightscribe

generic internal card reader

Apevia Xcruiser case- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811144152

Sceptre 20.1" Widescreen LCD monitor

Logitech MX518 Gaming Grade mouse

OOOOLLLDDDskool Split Center Natural Contour Keyboard (i love it, i have to have a ps2 adapter on it cause it has the big keyboard plug on it)

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Let's see... as for consoles;





Xb0x 360 Elite


Super NES




DS Lite x 2

Sega Genesis

... I think that's all of them.

No gaming PC. I got tired of the expenses associated with a perpetual upgrade cycle.

Whoa !! Quite a console collection.It's really sad you don't have a gaming rig.The reason you have mentioned for not having a gaming rig is agreaable ;)

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i agree as well, though i will say it's alot better ^AND CHEAPER than it used to be with a pc. Mine is a little less than 2 years old, the only thing i have upgraded (and it's due because of rpl not upgrading) is my hard drive. Paid about $950 in all for it (I built it) and it rolls with the current games pretty well. doenst play crisis real badass obviously, but still works like a champ.

Oh'! and just found out that it's still worth $661.91 after almost 2 years (Sweet!) built for 950!

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