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EEE Mod: Interchangable Internal Memory


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Eee-Pc Internal Memory Mod

.: Foreword :.
I'm not the first to do this obviously, but i thought we may all benefit from a first hand experience. Also please not I'm not the best solder'er and i still managed to get this done with almost no problem. All in all this wasn't to expensive, and to all those who say "Why not just buy a 8Gb SDHC card?" I say,

"Why buy something for $30, when you can build it for $65?"

---- Let's Get Started ----

.: Tools Needed :.
1. USB Drive (any size will do)
2. USB Extension Cable(shortest length possible)
3. Soldering Gun / Solder
4. Wire Cutters / Strippers
5. Small Phillips Screw Driver
6. Electrical Tape
7. eee-pc 700
Optional: Leatherman (my weapon of choice), Clean Working Area, Pandora Radio, Bag of Sour Patch Kids, Bawls

.: The Tear Down :.
Your eee-pc should look something like this, first things first, log into Pandora and put on some Ratatat or Pink Floyd Radio, then remove the battery and RAM ;)

Next remove all the screws on the bottom's perimeter, then flip the computer over. Above the F1, F6 and PAUSE keys on the keyboard you'll see some small tabs, take a small screw driver and push in these tabs, you'll notice the keyboard pops up a little, slide it forward (towards the screen) and lift up, be sure to watch out for the ribbon cable at the bottom, also release the blue ribbon cable at this time.
Now remove all the screws on the heat spreader (that large silver thing), in the process be sure to proudly break the "warranty void if tampered with" sticker. After removing all the screws gently remove the heat spreader watch the sides there are some plastic tabs, this will reveal the motherboard.
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---- Making the Cables ----

Break apart the USB drive so that you just have the board itself (easier on some than on others), wrap it in electrical tape for good measure you'll need all the space you can get! Cut the USB extension cable in half, you'll probably want to keep about 10" (for plenty of slack). We'll be using the female end of the cable, the other half can used as a decorative necklace. Then strip the cable to the nub, you'll want to cover the metal end part with electrical tape to avoid contact with the motherboard. Then insert the stripped down USB drive into the end. The process should look something like this:

---- Soldering and Wiring ----

There is a nice little niche next to the battery through which we can run the wires. Set the cocoon of USBness (I kinda went overboard) and electrical tap in the area next the the RAM slot. And run the wires like so:

The wires can then be run up above the mainboard like so:

Now take a break and eat some sour patch kids, like so:
Don't Mess This Up!!!

Time to solder the wires, start from the screen to the mouse pad the wires go red, white, green, black.
Here is a picture (don't make fun of my solder job):

Okay Take a deep breath! Put it back together and you're all done!
Shitty YouTube video of my finished product located

Questions / Comments?

Let me know, post them here, or hit me up in IRC at #hak5
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