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As I was browsing the wiki, I noticed a few things.

First of all, it seems like the episodes have been abandoned. Did someone neglect to add episodes after 3x07?

Second of all, it seems that the BBS is was not functioning, even before the Hak House flooded, yet it is still marked as active.

There are also a lot of Dev.5 projects on there that have been abandoned, and are in need of clean-up.

I was wondering if I could help in anyway to get the wiki back in shape.

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Umm... the it just needs looking after, usually we get someone new in, they delete a bunch of stuff and fall off the planet. Aside from show notes its quite aimless. The only thing I can think that might need doing is having a small team to keep on top of the shownotes, but thats more the casts remit than mine. This, unfortunately, will probally involve a meeting.

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I was one of those planet fallers :(

Theres a hak5 wiki action group that crashanddie started, and we kicked serious arse for a couple of months, ive been meaning to update the Episodes, just not managed to get round to it!

But hey, the point of a wiki is a shared base of knowledge!

pretty much all of the locked pages, or ones that are left blank, and locked, are the pages that the spammers where targeting, if anyone wants them unlocked, just sling me a PM, or catch me/crashanddie/snubs/famicoman or one of the ops (i think most of them have wikiadmi) on IRC

although now that im back, ill try and get back on top of it

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I know this is an old post, but the wiki is back. We are working on updating the content as you read this.

I hereby claim the right to dig out this old post again.

Is it just me or is the wiki down again? I got some MySQL-related problems yesterday and it's still not better today.



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