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eee pc vs msi wind


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Blow for blow I think they're fairly evenly matched. Let's compare...

        eee 901                 Wind                   Winner
CPU:    900MHz Celeron M        1.6GHz Atom            From benchmarks they perform
                                                       similarly in the real world.
RAM:    1GB RAM                 1GB RAM                Neck and neck.
LCD:    8.9" 1024x600           10" 1024x600           MSI has it here. 
Size:   Small                   Bigger than the eee    Asus takes the size prize.
Battery:2.5-3h                  2.5h/5.5h              If you take the smallest battery,
                                                       it's pretty even. If you take the
                                                       biggest though MSI steals the
                                                       running time with a higher
                                                       capacity battery, Asus only has
                                                       a standard battery right now.
HDD:    12-20GB SSD             80GB HDD               Wind has the size, eee has the low
                                                       power/cool running/shockproofness.

Webcams are the same, the eee has no bluetooth at this point but is smaller and lighter.

If you're prepared to wait, the eee 901 and 1000 will be a much better match for the Wind, including 7-8h batteries, bluetooth, 802.11n and a 10" LCD.

In the end though it's your decision (which makes my 15 minutes of organising that table a bit redundant) but I recommend waiting. Things are hotting up with not just Asus and MSI, but for Dell, Acer and countless other companies getting ready to start kicking out these Small, Cheap Computers. I'm really rather happy with my eee 701 though, specs really aren't everything and if you get a chance, play with as many of them as you can in stores or whatever.

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I don't know about the rest of you, but the looming manufacturer 'low-end, low-cost, mini-laptop' war has me really excited. :D

I've never really seen the point in a full size laptop. They're all so big and heavy it seems a waste of time to me. That and the crappy vendor support for linux.

However, if they (mini-laptops) ship with linux out of the box, then soon all of the peripheral1 companies will have to start providing drivers and support. This would finally be a chance to knock windows off the throne and create some real competition in the OS market. This can only be a good thing for consumers.

If you have to choose between the two, I'd go EeePC. Personally, I'm waiting a bit to see what's around the bend.

1 computer peripherals, not edge-dwellers. :rolleyes:

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