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Problem with macbook

Justin Ewing

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i have a mac book dual core Its about a year old, but lately I've been having alot of problems with it. The first problem was the battery wasn't charging. Now the new problem is the key board doesn't work but the track pad does..

Any advice?

thanks :D

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Have you did the Update to 10.5.3? If you have quite alot of users are experiencing issues, this could be casuing the Keyboard Issue. Try booting from the Install CD and see if the Keyboard Works.

As for the Battery, check if your Battery and Charger are connected properly.

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Visit an apple store act stupid like you know nothing about computers and see if they will take it away for you, my friend done it acted all dumb etc and Apple told him to send it away and they gave him a new one

Maybe worth a go

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A lot of places will let you extend your warranty. Just call em up and get a new warranty and then 2-3 months later send it in so it dosnt look bad. I know that longest the mac gives warranty is 3 years from your computers purchase... so you may be out of luck.

I used to work at geeksquad and what i highly recommend is buy the best warranty for a laptop (if you cant find anywere better to go) that means you have 4-5 years and screen protection. If at the end of the 4-5 years contract your laptop "breaks" bring it in. Since their repair probably dosnt carry the parts.. or the parts are more expensive then a new laptop (most cases) the will give you a comparable product and in 4-5 years all their laptops will be better then yours so you get a new better laptop and 4-5 years warranty. (the geek squad agent even picks out the comparable one, so find a nice agent and they will get you something ok) PC's electrical jacks are made to go out after 4 years anyways.

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