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Wan't To Make A Quake1 Mod - Help?


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I'd like to make a quake1 mod because now the psp has a ported engine and says that it'll support any mod.

Before I start though I wanted to be sure I could run my own master server. Do you guys know of anywhere I can find a master server program? I prefer windows based because thats whats on my server atm but I am willing to use linux if needed. (I'm a linux noob so :/ )

Anyway once I get a master server going I'll need the following:

player models

start menu

weapon models


That should be about it. I can do maps once I get the hang of it. I may be able to do some models with some help but honestly don't know. The menu I can learn to do I'm sure.

I wanted it to be a multi-player only mod.....

Can you guys help me?

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fyi I'm going to collage to learn computer networking, etc. I'm taking CNet classes, etc.

This is something I'm doing on the side, got a problem with that?

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Fuck all that, you need a concept first. Without a concept you will just dick around making random bits of diffrent ideas. Start by working out what type of mod you want to do. How will it work on the PSP? Quake was designed for a mouse and keyboard and that influences the gameplay. Since you don't have that on a PSP, why not start from the ground up with a game concept tweaked towards the PSP.

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Quake1 has been ported to the psp and any quake1 mod is said to work with it.

I do have a plan but don't want to tell everyone what it is until I'm closer to getting it done.

All the keys are mapped to work with the psp perfect :) The gameplay is as good if not better than I've seen on commercial games.

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