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Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 and Flash 7 (Ubuntu)


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This has less to do with Pandora's Jar itself and more to do with Flash Switcher, but I was wondering if anyone had a way around it at any rate. (It could potentially be a big problem...)

I have Firefox 3.0b5 at the moment, as it came with Ubuntu. Only the most recent version of the Flash Switcher extension worked, so that's what I'm using... It switches fine, I believe the plugins are loaded correctly. The problem is that whenever I use Flash 7.0r79--by default the only other plugin available for Linux users--Firefox crashes... I can't get any version of the flash switcher to work on Firefox, although I'm about to try again and see if I missed something. I uninstalled all versions of flash that were already there, to the best of my knowledge... ~/.mozilla/plugins/ | /usr/lib/Firefox-3.0b5/plugins/ and even the version of the flash player that had been installed for Firefox 2.

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